The periodical “Scientific Papers of National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia” (ISSN 1829-4200) is published by the decision of NUACA Scientific Council. The periodical was founded in 1996. It is published three times a year, with the volume of 15 articles.

The periodical is briefly described in the informative abstract scientific-technical journal “Construction and Architecture” (ISSN 0233-8440) of VNIINTPI, the Russian Federation.

Articles in Armenian, English and Russian, that have scientific novelty and have not been published in other journals (original) are being accepted for publication.

All the articles of the periodical are being peer-reviewed.

Publication of articles in the periodical is free of charge.

The periodical is intended for scientists, specialists and students of Architecture, Construction and related fields.

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Vol. 88: 2024-1
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Published: 2024-05-22

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